Kenny has been a fixture in the Peterborough music scene since high school.  Over the years, I have played with Kenny in many local bands.  We both attended the “Joey Henderson School” of Bar Bands.  His ability as a musician, singer, and teacher has been greatly appreciated by fellow players as well as the general public.  Kenny is very deserving of the honour and I look forward to seeing his name on the Pathway of Fame.  

Brent Bailey,   Worked with Ronnie Hawkins, Pianist, Keyboard Performer 


Kenny DesChamp is a steadfast member of this concrete musical community that we cherish in Peterborough.  He is continuously involved through his live performances and musical efforts in live venues and with his former students. Kenny has got the groove to prove he is most assuredly worthy of such a wonderful honour.  Kenny is not only an amazingly talented musician and gifted vocalist, (leaving some of us singers in awe of his great ability to harmonize) but is truly a patron of the arts as witnessed by his bass guitar and his audiences. 

Lindsay Barr,  Recording Artist, Musician, Songwriter 


I have had the pleasure of playing music with Kenny Deschamp for the last 15 years. I first played with Kenny with the Cadillacs as a sub in guitar player and was immediately taken with his soulful and powerful vocals and inventive and proficient technique on the bass. As a younger "up and coming" musician I admired the professionalism and ease with which Kenny and the guys played with and strove to continue playing with them. I ended up very quickly as a mainstay with the Cadillacs and have learned so much from Kenny and the guys ever since. I understand what has made him a sought-after teacher and musician over the years. Kenny has taught me about musical dynamics, harmony, performance, and so many other aspects of music. When one asks for the best of bass players, singers and or studio musicians in the Peterborough area, Kenny DesChamp is at the top of everyone's list.  

Bobby Brioux, Songwriter and Musician 


Kenny became my music teacher at Crestwood beginning in Grade 10.  Whether it was our common ground as long-haired musician types, his secret tributes to Rock music in our music classes (one ear-training final exam was the main riff from Black Sabbath's "Iron Man"), or his willingness to keep up with current styles of Rock music by sheepishly asking me the difference between "Grunge" and "Thrash", I knew I had found a kindred spirit in a place that was very inhospitable to people who didn't fit in.  He nurtured and encouraged my musical passions, no matter how bizarre they became, understood the two-pronged angst of being both a teenager and an outsider, and generally made me feel as though there was a point to the day-to-day grind of high school.   For the 21 years we have known each other, not all of it spent in contact, he has always respected me, whether I felt like I was worthy of that privilege or not. He has had a profound effect on the course of my life and the lives of many of my friends, and I am proud to call him not only my teacher and my peer but my friend. 

Jay (Jason) Cockerill,  Former Student, Bass Guitarist with the Lindsay Barr Band and Northern Soul 


I am happy to add my name to the list of people who endorse Kenny’s candidacy for the Pathway of Fame. Though it’s not about talent or popularity, Kenny has plenty of both. But more to the point, he has used these gifts and his communication skills over many years nurturing new talent and creating opportunities for local artistic development. He has worked hard donating time and talent to many community organizations with a focus on continuous forward movement in his students and peers.  I look forward to seeing Kenny on stage at this year’s induction ceremony.  

Terry Finn,   Musician, Pianist, Community Volunteer, Music Teacher 


Kenny DesChamp was part of a wicked 1-2 punch of music educators that I had the good fortune to be under the tutelage of during my years at Crestwood Secondary School.  Kenny was one of these great people that helped draw forth the musician in me, and he highly influenced my career path.  I remember one very distinct moment.  It was the one where he asked me to be the accompanist for the choir class that he was going to be starting.  I said I would love to do that.  "You have to sing too.  You have to sing while you play, you know."  I could no longer be the wallflower hiding behind my instrument.  I was being asked to sing while playing which was an immense task for me at that time!!!  What a sense of accomplishment, though when we went to places like Canada's Wonderland and sang in front of all those judges and other schools.  I became a performer of music at the very moment I played and sang my baritone part simultaneously for the first time in front of an audience.  It was thanks to Kenny.  It was Kenny who believed in me and dug in his heels and would not let me "just play", would not let me sit back in my easy chair.  To this day, I cannot thank him enough for this amazing gift he never knew he gave me, nor recommend him highly enough for a spot on Peterborough's Walk of Fame. 

Justin Hiscox             Former Student, Musician, Composer noted especially for his work with the 4th Line Theatre and the St. James’ Players 


I remember Kenny as being a great bass player with a very unique vocal quality. He sang with soul and feeling. Whatever he had came from inside and it always felt natural, never put on and that is a rare quality. I don’t remember Kenny ever trying to copy anyone. He had his own style and you could tell he believed in himself as an artist and musician. I lost contact with Kenny when I moved away but still have a strong admiration for his talents. I think Kenny is a worthy candidate for the Pathway of Fame.       

Cyril Rawson              Songwriter and Publisher / worked with Anne Murray and others 


I am pleased to endorse Kenny for this prestigious award as an inductee for the Peterborough Pathway of Fame.  He has been a long outstanding friend for 40 years.  I first knew Kenny as a young musician, who then became a dedicated performer in many local bands, and went on to become a teacher.  Kenny has added much to the fabric of the cultural scene here in Peterborough and beyond.  His musical training is impressive, and he brings that to the stage above and beyond.  I have always been more than impressed not only with his gifted singing voice but with his skill as a technical musician.  He is innovative, dedicated to his passion for music, and impresses everyone when he performs on stage.   

Aside from his great musical gifts and talents, Kenny is an outstanding man.  He makes everyone feel special and takes a personal interest in others’ passions and pursuits.  He is an excellent candidate for this award, as he has and continues to, contribute much to our musical scene in Peterborough.  His passion for music stretches almost 45 years, always creating, thinking and giving his greatest efforts, to producing fine, outstanding work.  I am proud to call Kenny DesChamp a friend.   

Patricia Young,    Retired Dramatic Arts Chairperson at St. Peter's Secondary School